Even though the moon won’t shine tomorrow
I don’t care, just seeing you laughing is what makes me happy.

[Serenades to Soohyun 11/]

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of course no one ever comes to ATL. -_- Well besides 2PM & Xiah (I think?) *sigh* even VIXX went to Texas… Texas! (nothing against you Texans…) man, is anyone else out there a KPOP fan in the Southeast? I want a petition… >_>

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Woohoo~ This will be my first UKiss scenario ever posted! Aha just for fun because I have tons of fluff in my mind and no outlet but tumblr, so here I go.

Shin Soo Hyun.

Shin Soo Hyun and you are walking together through Hongdae, looking at all the food stands and wondering which ones you guys want to try out for the night.

"Jagiya" You whisper in Soo Hyun’s ear.

"What?" He chuckles as your breath tickles him. 

You smile and jokingly punch him. “I want to eat soondubu jjigae tonight.

"Okay, I know the stand with the best" Soo Hyun exclaims, bringing you closer to him. You wrap your arms around his torso and lean your head on his shoulder. 

"I’m so glad you finally got to spend a day with me" You say, squeezing him tightly.

"I know, I’ve missed you so much" Soo Hyun kisses the top of your head as you two approach the stand. 

"Annyoung haseyo" You both bow to the lady and sit down at the table. After you two order, a hand clamps down on your shoulder. You look up to see a drunken man.

"Excuse me?" You ask, sliding his hand off.

"You’re really pretty" He slurs, tilting your chin up.

"Thanks" You mumble, jerking your head from his grasp.

"What are you doing tonight?" The drunkard dips towards you, his hand gripping your arm.

"Yah! Leave her alone, she’s mine" Soo Hyun shoves the guy off. The drunkard’s face contorts with anger.

"Who are you?" He bellows incredulously.

You rise to your feet as Soo Hyun’s hand clenches for a punch.

"Soo Hyun" You whisper and grab his arm. He looks at you and unclenches his fist.

"Lets go" Soo Hyun announces, grabbing your hand and leading you out of the stand.

"Sorry…" You mumble, glancing glancing at Soo Hyun behind your bangs.

"Sorry for what?" Soo Hyun shouts. You cower back and your lips part but no words escape. "Sorry for being so beautiful? Sorry for guys thinking you’re attractive?" Soo Hyun throws his arms in the air and sighs. His eyes meet yours and his features soften. "Sorry" he whispers, cupping your face in his hands and bringing your foreheads together. 

Your shoulders relax and relief washes over you. Soo Hyun isn’t mad at you.

"I love you" he breathes against your lips.

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Cha Hakyeon is the definition of a cockblocker

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Truly, madly, deeply
Truly, madly, deeply

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